Even a HPBW cries sometimes. Saying goodbye is HARD!

10 Jun

Although my HPBW responsibilities have shifted to my new job at Click Here, I miss many things about my internship at ThinkCash. As a senior in college, I couldn’t have chosen a better place to work and experience “the real working world”. I remember jumping up and down and dancing in the elevator after my interview 10 months ago. I was excited for the opportunities and knew that ThinkCash, the leader in emergency cash, was an ideal place for me to grow and learn from numerous top-tier professionals in the industry.

Things I learned, loved, and experienced:

1 ) David Hasselhoff. Their prank was a monument to The Hoff’s glory, talent, and devotion to being a complete “creepo depot” (a word soon to be listed on urbandictionary).

2 ) Rick Rolling never gets old.

3 ) Noke? Ohfeen? Ha-se-we?……. Sorry, typo?

4 ) Career advice.

5 ) The Office trivia quizzes. Ben kept me on my toes.

6 ) Strategic projects. I had no idea so much could happen at 4am.

7 ) Revenge is sweet.

8 ) Sprinkles cupcakes. WOW!

9 ) True devotion to a sports team requires dying your hair the color of their jerseys.

10 ) Friday lunches are great!!!!… unless you eat too much bread.

11 ) Compounding interest is not a myth. I have mathematical proof.

12 ) Candy is a necessary desk decoration. I owe you a HUGE bag of candy, Pam!

13 ) Being a CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) is almost as tough as being a HPBW.

14 ) Cash is better when given in all $1 bills. La Baaar-e?

15 ) At 9pm, everyone is a big deal at the Ghost Bar!


2 Responses to “Even a HPBW cries sometimes. Saying goodbye is HARD!”

  1. Michael D June 10, 2008 at 3:57 am #

    You still owe me Jelly beans!!!!

  2. Ben June 10, 2008 at 2:49 pm #

    Don’t forget, “The Internet isn’t purple!”

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