Leverage the Internet

29 Jun

So, I’m here at work on a Sunday to catch up on email, conference reports, and “strategic projects”. Typical HPBW. I happen to receive Google News alerts regarding my clients and various “internet marketing” industry topics. Usually, I immediately file them away in my “News” Outlook folder but one of the articles caught my eye. Entitled “Leverage the Internet to Weather the Economic Downturn“, I found it very relevant and encouraging…

“The Internet is the most powerful tool for sales, marketing, and communication since the invention of the printing press 600 years ago. And it’s having the same impact on society. Now is the time to ramp up an Internet strategy. It could provide the edge you need to expand your business in the tough economy.”

It is exciting to graduate and start a new job. However, it becomes scary to enter the job market (especially after investing $$ in higher education) during a recessive economy– many of my friends had and are having difficulty finding jobs. This article provides strong encouragement and reassurance that I not only chose an exciting and cool career, but also, one that will sustain and flourish through this economic downturn.



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