Go America!

7 Jul

What a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

To begin the holiday weekend, I organized a happy hour at Ozona to celebrate the end of training. It was enjoyable until a few of our cars got towed (I got lucky!). Then, on Thursday night, I joined a couple of trainees to see the fireworks at Kaboom Town. It was quite an adventure getting there but it was worth it! We feasted on cheese, crackers, hummus, greek dip, cherries, and grapes and the fireworks were amazing!

The next morning, I went to Austin to spend the weekend with my family. On the 4th, we watched the fireworks on Lake Austin while drinking great wine and eating delicious food. In addition, I went kayaking with dad, watched movies with Teddy, got a mani-pedi, went shopping, and shared my favorite happy hour joint (219 West) with my mom. How fun!

On my way home, I encountered traffic but took advantage of the alone time by thinking about my “future” (cheesy, I know). I love everything about Austin. The food, access to the lake, shopping, athletics (Go Horns!), and laid-back attitude- not to mention my family lives there. I look forward to moving back but am not ready yet. I still have many HPBW things left to do!


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