Personal Mission Statement

16 Jul

I graduated from college just over 2 months ago. What do I have to show for it? A diploma. An education. Facts, definitions, calculations. Memorable experiences with amazing friends. A great job in a great city as an HPBW. Oh yeah, and a few textbooks I purchased but never read and can’t sell.

But, really, who am I now and what will I become?

In my Business Marketing class, the professor assigned a 30-page paper requiring us to describe our goals, interests, strengths, weaknesses, most defining childhood moments, and where we see ourselves in 10 years. I took the class over a year ago and cannot specifically remember all 30 pages of content.  I don’t intend to say it was a meaningless assignment. In fact, I would say, it was quite the opposite. The third page contained my personal mission statement- defining the other 29 pages.

Few people know about my mission statement and even fewer have read it. I’m not shy about sharing it… but it’s “Corley” put into words. 108 words, 520 characters, and 6 sentences to be exact. So, it’s not a “statement” per say… but, more of a paragraph (I’m complicated, I suppose).

I read my mission statement daily because it acts as an inspirational guide to self-assessment.  And, I revise it weekly because just like me, my mission statement is a work-in-progress. I spend the time that allows my mission statement to live and grow.

But, this post isn’t about MY mission statement. But, rather, my support of creating a personal mission statement. It provides a reminder of who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go – and, I believe that defining those simple things is the first step towards achieving them.


2 Responses to “Personal Mission Statement”

  1. camp4 July 20, 2008 at 12:24 am #

    so what is your mission statement?

  2. corleyroberts August 1, 2008 at 4:07 am #

    It’s going through proofing right now.

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