23 Mar

I’m a civil servant with a firm belief that it’s my personal responsibility to make my community a better place. Therefore, I feel it is my civic duty to identify and educate all those bad parkers out there because, COME ON, it’s not that tough!

After navigating the Taverna parking lot this weekend for brunch, I found THE perfect example of a horrendous parking job.  I’m not sure if it’s arrogance or blindness but it was baffling. Truly, embarrassing for that individual.  If only I had the authority to issue that jackass a parking ticket…

Cue, one of the greatest websites ever: YouParkLikeAnAsshole.com.  Simply print out a ticket, fill out the information as it applies, and leave the ticket on the perpetrator’s windshield.

Download tickets here and join the cause.  Let’s start a revolution to end all bad parking jobs across the world!


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