What the [Heck] Should I Make for Dinner?

20 May

I consider myself to be a “foodie” because I appreciate delicious food (especially paired with a nice glass of wine) and love trying new restaurants.  In fact, I keep a spreadsheet of restaurants organized by New, Everyday, Special Occasion, Brunch, Patio, and Happy Hour categories. This appreciation can become expensive but luckily, I also enjoy cooking.  However, sometimes, I just don’t know what I want for dinner.  Recently, I found a website that solves this dilemma by offering meal suggestions, plus a quality dose of expletives.*

Love it? Click on the meal link to see the recipe.

Hate it? Generate another by clicking the “I don’t f*&(*^$ like that” link.

Vegetarian? Click the “I don’t f*&(*^$ eat meat” link.

*Warning: This website contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children) and advanced recipes (which may be unsuitable for adults).


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