Simon Says

21 May

I came across Simon, an entrepreneur who created a list of websites that will “definitely make lots of money”. Here are a few of his brilliant ideas…
A website that contains sound files of different coughs.  Each cough would have a description to allow the user to sound match and  determine the kind of cough they have before going to the chemist and buying either dry or wet cough medicine.
User of this website would take photos of themselves wearing every combination of every article of clothing they own and then upload the images to a user database.  Every day, instead of trying on clothing, the user can choose an outfit by simply viewing their choices online.
Instead of buying their own pet frogs, users would pay a fee and I would buy them a frog and look after it.  Users could log on anytime to a live webcam and see how their frog is doing and send live requests for me to wave the frog’s hand at the camera or bang on the glass if it is sleeping.

Upon investigating the other content of his website, I discovered quite a few nuggets of greatness.  Seriously, check out this site because it’s hilarious.  Here’s a sampling.

– A sweet “cheer-up” message if you’re feeling blue.
Statements my offspring has made that makes me wonder if there was a mixup at the hospital.
– If I had a monkey.
– Dear new neighbor: Here’s an invitation to my house-warming party you’re not invited to.
– Will draw for food.


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